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CEO - Joe Carman

I started Pure Pixels after 10 years of working in IT, I loved working with people and had a nack for all things computer related. 

Websites are not my business they are my passion, I love how dynamic, rich, varied and rewarding building websites is, each and every one is as unique as our each client. The possibilities with websites and apps really are limited only be our imagination. Our secret is building a great relationship with our clients and understanding each and every business, ensuring we capture the very essence of the visions and values of every customer.

Pure Pixels takes the hassle out of building and maintaining a website, we will work closely with you to make your vision a reality, your new website won’t be visible to the public until you give your approval, ensuring satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
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A flexible approach…

Pure Pixels is built to be adaptable to any industry, our clients range from primary schools, sole traders, limited companies and hobbyists.
Is your vision a creative & colourful website full of pictures and content? Or perhaps the design is not important and speed and functionality is your priority… Pure Pixels caters for both and everything in between.
We don’t just build new websites we also provide first class support for existing websites, great SEO packages, logo design services and domains.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed…

We like to do things slightly differently, we minimise downtime and ensure 100% satisfaction by first building your new website on our server.
You can watch as each page takes shape and chop and change along the way, only when you are 100% satisfied do we publish your new website for the world to see – This is how we guarantee you will love your new website!
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First class support…

Our team are standing by to keep your website exactly the way you want it. Just drop us a quick email of the change you want to make and you will get a confirmation email once it’s been completed. You can relax knowing everything has been taken care of swiftly and professionally. 


We are very proud that we have never had a support ticket or change request breach our SLA!
Urgent request? We have systems in place to ensure any urgent requests are handled within hours. No matter what happens, we’ve got you covered.
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